Green services

Stream Restoration

The purpose or scope of work for stream restoration/mitigation is to improve upon the stream channel, restoration of the riparian buffer, and to rehabilitate natural species indicative of the area. 

The projects are designed to compensate for a stream that has been degraded from natural disasters, serious flooding, unsound forestry practices, commercial land development, or increased runoff from agricultural fields. 

Teraflex Group, LLC is proud to have been selected for several stream restoration and wetlands projects.  The projects listed below illustrate how we improved eroded and unstable stream banks by creating boulder walls, J-Hooks, Cross Vanes, channelizing the stream, and re-introducing native stream side vegetation.  The completed projects ensured that the site is less prone to erosion while improving a healthier bio-habitat in the stream. In 2004, Teraflex Group, LLC was awarded for their efforts in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.  Some of the stream restoration projects completed by us are:  Peeks Creek, Watauga, T.C. Roberson High School, and the Little Tennessee River.


Bioswales are landscape areas or vegetative ditches that uses an engineered blend of organics and soils to create a biosystem.  Bioswales are typically installed at parking lots, downspouts, or along any impervious surface. 

The top 5 functions that bioswales accomplish are:

    Bioswale / Raingarden
  • Trap and filter pollutants such as gasoline, motor oil, and chemicals
  • Directs storm water back into ground via plants
  • Slows the volume and speed of water going into natural waterways to limit erosion  while cooling the water
  • Promotes bio diversity and creates a natural habitat
  • Retains storm water runoff from impervious surfaces


LandscapingA well designed  landscape should be aesthetically pleasing and functional.  Our landscape professionals can design and implement a site analysis plan for your specific needs.

Our services include hydroseeding, sodding, plant selection, native species selection, mulching, root raking, site preparation, irrigation design and installation and soil analysis.