Evolving Strategies for Maintaining a Safe Jobsite Environment

August 25, 2008
Heyward Ledford
Teraflex Group, LLC.
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Construction has one of the highest injuries and death rates of any industrial sector.  Teraflex Group, LLC. is committed to providing a safe work environment on all projects.  We believe that safety is an ethical responsibility to our clients, our employees, their families, and to management.  Managing safety is the responsibility of every supervisor, employee, and even the president of the company.  Safety is a condition of employment and all employees are subject to pre-hiring physicals and drug screens that include random testing.  To ensure that employees abide by our safety program, we maintain a progressive disciplinary policy to enforce our safety requirements.

Our safety program begins with a site specific Pre-Task Plan.  This activity will discover and correct the potential hazards at the site before they cause in injury to our workers.  This PTP will include a site specific plan for each project that will break down potential hazards, establish housekeeping standards for a clean and healthy work environment, review near misses, and maintain weekly safety meetings.

In short, every person in our organization, from the top management to the newest employee is responsible and accountable for preventing injuries.

Heyward Ledford
Teraflex Group, LLC.